Cucumber and Roasted Vegetable Sandwich

This year I’ve joined the ranks of motherhood. As I navigate my way through it for the first time, I’m seeing my mom with a new set of eyes.
My mom: She’s not the warmest of people. She’s distant and pristine. Mysterious and proud. But then, despite her cool composure, she’ll surprise us with a feisty remark or a heartwarming gesture. She’s both hot and cold.
Still, I’ve never questioned her love for me. She shows her love quietly, but I know it’s a strong, unrelenting love. It’s the unique love of my mother.
So this tea sandwich is dedicated to my mom. Robust flavors working with mild. Creamy textures complementing crunchy. I’m calling it, “Matriarch.”
Pair the sandwich with a smoky green tea.
Happy Mother’s Day! Here’s to the women who have given us everything.
Roasted red and yellow bell peppers, minced
Seedless cucumber, thinly sliced
Vegan cream cheese
Create a sandwich spread by mixing the minced bell peppers into the cream cheese. Spread onto the bread slices. Layer on the cucumber slices. Cut off the crust, and cut into rectangles or triangles.

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