Banana Magic Cake

My husband recently introduced me to the wonderful thing that is Banana Magic Cake. The “magic” is due to its single batter that, when baked, becomes three distinct layers of varying textures. The top layer is fluffy and sponge-like, the middle is a gorgeous custard, and the bottom crust is decadently dense.
Although the cake is complex in texture, its flavor is mild enough to allow fun toppings. In this case, we used blueberry pie filling/topping mixed with fresh lemon juice to add some zing and cut through the sweetness.
This treat is a Jack of all Trades; it’s got tricks up its crust. It’s impressive in its looks but also resourceful in that it calls for overripe bananas and hardly any dish washing afterwards. I’m calling this dish, “Over-Achiever.”
Pair with a delicate Ceylon tea.

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