Savories · Sweets

Fruit Preserves

photo credit: Mamiverse
Come next Monday, Lionel turns 6 months old. I’d like to know who switched on the fast forward button to my son’s babyhood!
With each passing day, I become increasingly desperate. Desperate to capture and cling to the precious moments shared with Lionel. All of his milestones, his bursts of laughter, his facial expressions when he sleeps and when he makes new discoveries — I want these things to stay fresh in my memory forever.
These desperate times call for none other than fruit preserves. Preserves represent my wish of harnessing moments and events at their freshest and sweetest. If only it were as simple as boiling and canning fruit.
Preserves punctuate the flavors of both savory and sweet dishes. And what’s afternoon tea without preserves?
Enjoy with beautiful jasmine green tea. The floral notes of the jasmine coax out the fruitiness of the preserves.
Once again, I am commemorating Lionel’s growth process and his current favorite book, Dr. Seuss’s ABC. Hence, this dish is called, “Jerry Jordan’s Jelly Jar.”
photo credit: The iMums

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