The Baby Toys Among Us

When it comes to toys, my infant son has a taste for the mundane. Thank goodness. Toys can get pretty expensive, and most of the time, Lionel shows interest in them for but a few days. That’s why I won’t hesitate to hand him a toilet paper roll to gnaw on or an empty pack of baby wipes for him to crunch between his hands. His recent favorite is a plastic container of breath mints. Just like that, these used-up items are given a new life and purpose: reducing waste, and making my boy incredibly happy and busy.
Am I cheap? Absolutely. However, I’m certainly not depriving my son of fun, education, and exploration. He is expressing creativity by turning these everyday objects into fascinating toys. What an inspirational, eco-conscious little guy.
Lionel shake-shake-shaking a container of breath mints

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