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Quick Vegan Stuffed Bell Peppers

Okay, I’ll admit I went about this dish the quick and dirty way. But quick and dirty is the way to go when you’re preparing dinner while anticipating your pre-crawling infant’s next move to indeed become a real crawl any minute now.

This dish is so simple and delicious, it’s a sin. It’s too easy. I would even call it brilliant. I’m not only giving myself a pat on the back, but a self make-out session.

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It’s really just a friendly gathering of frozen food coming to life in a bell pepper with delightful, fresh toppings. Hearty, full of texture, and earthy, this is a dish made for autumn.

Here are the ingredients:

-Bell peppers
Don Lee Farms Organic Veggie Bowl, Superfoods, which includes: black beans, quinoa, kale, tomatoes, corn, carrots, wheat flour, almonds, onion, soybean oil, garlic, and sea salt. (available in bulk at Costco)

For the topping:
Avocado slices
Fresh lemon juice
Diced onion

Inspired by Minimalist Baker

Follow the microwave instructions for the Veggie Bowl. (Puncturing the plastic wrap and microwaving the bowl for 3 minutes and 30 seconds was perfect in my case.) Set aside.

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees and grease a baking sheet. Place halved peppers on sheet and
brush them with grape seed oil (or any high-heat oil, such as avocado). Bake for 30 minutes.

Remove peppers from oven and stuff them with Veggie Bowl contents. Squirt on some fresh lemon juice, and top with avocado slices and cilantro. Serve with chipotle salsa.

Tip: Save and accumulate your veggie scraps for vegetable stock.

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