Welcome to Teacup Cordial! 
I love the word, cordial. It includes definitions such as, “gracious,” “friendly,” and “of the heart.” To lead a life of cordiality — that’s what I want. And that’s the legacy I want to leave for my son and instill in him a desire to make his decisions and actions “of the heart.”
Here is what I picture a cordial lifestyle to entail:
Kindness to people and animals
Waste reduction
Secondhand shopping
Eco-friendly products
It’s going to be tough, no doubt. And it’s going to take a whole lot of creativity, planning, research, patience, and willpower. Nevertheless, after just 7 months of experiencing motherhood for the first time, I feel like I can take on anything.
I sincerely hope that this blog will somehow be of service to others in inspiring change for the better, even if it’s just by teacup-sized steps.
Make yourself comfortable. I’ll put the kettle on!
P.S. The dishes in the Teatime Inspiration section were posted prior to my lifestyle change and, therefore, are not vegan. I’m finding a way to “veganize” them, though!