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Buying in Bulk (Vegan Style) at Costco

Sometimes, there just isn’t enough time to buy everything fresh at the farmer’s market. And I’m completely fine with that. Frozen food is our friend (New parents: I’m sure you feel me).

I’m finding that there are plenty of tasty vegan frozen food options, AND they’re available in bulk. I discovered this wonderful reality via PETA’s vegan grocery list from Costco. Although I wasn’t able to find every item on the list, I still walked away with a cartful of food to last me a couple of weeks.

Have you made any vegan discoveries at Costco?


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All Hail Baking Soda

 It deordorizes, it cleans, it makes awesome baked treats, it relieves insect bites and heartburn, it’s natural, multi-functional, eco-friendly — oh, yeah, and it gets rid of acne.
Moving out of state was no easy feat. I think I handled labor and my kid’s birth more calmly and gracefully than that move. My complexion certainly didn’t appreciate the stress that I was under and responded with large, painful lumps all over my face.
My skin was really suffering, and talk about a real cramp in my style. I couldn’t stop complaining about it. Having been the recipient of my complaints for weeks, my mom came over one day with a box of baking soda. She told me to make a paste using a half teaspoon of baking soda and water, and massage it all over my face. As weirded out and reluctant as I was, my desperation found me following my mom’s directions and trying it out that night.
The results were immediate, and my face was clear of active pimples in just one day.
Baking soda is truly a jack-of-all-trades product, and I will never stop singing its praises. Fancy, expensive skincare products — serums, toners, oils, creams, and even acne treatment — just don’t compare to the performance of baking soda. While I’ve been lucky enough to try out various high-end skincare products, I always find my way back to my faithful baking soda.
Through gently exfoliating my face, it calms any skin eruptions, clears away blackheads, and rinses off leaving behind no residue or drying tightness.
To avoid keeping a glaring box of baking soda out on my bathroom counter, I keep it in a cute bird-shaped creamer.
(Edit: I originally included an image of a box of Arm and Hammer Baking Soda in this post, but it was imperative to me to crop it out when I learned that the company tests on animals. Until they become cruelty-free, I will no longer purchase their products.)