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Paul Smith Rose Perfume Review

I’m just another sucker for roses. However, rose fans and I share the same plight as we search for the perfect rose fragrance: we know it’s going to be a long journey full of wincing and coughing through the perfume storm of poorly presented roses.
Paul Smith Rose EDP is a pale-colored rose dipped in a cup of lightly steeped green tea. There’s a juicy bite of citrus in the opening, and the mellow green tea note soon follows. I’ve yet to give this fragrance the title as my perfect, signature rose fragrance, but it comes very close. I adore the way it makes me feel: Cheerful and calm. It is light, modern, and pretty, with a quiet allure. It’s the ideal fragrance to wear to afternoon tea.
On my skin, it lasts a couple of hours even without any lotion to lock in the scent. The fragrance also makes a gorgeous hair mist; it seems to stay in hair all day. The very reasonable price point makes it even more enjoyable to generously spray on.
Paul Smith Rose EDP (1 fl. oz.) $30.67 on Amazon.
Tea and Beauty

Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser Review


Image credit: Amazon.com
The Tea Ingredient: African red tea
The African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser by Ole Henriksen is a beauty product that holds sentimental value for me. It came in a travel set that my sister-in-law gave me, which I immediately packed in my hospital bag while anticipating my son’s birth.
Just as I had been forewarned, everything that I had planned and imagined for the birthing process quickly went out the window. My contractions were causing my baby’s heart rate to drop, and all of a sudden I was having an emergency c-section. Once my son was safe in my arms, the fog began to lift.
The drugs also began to wear off.
The next morning at the hospital, I found myself hunched over and holding on to the sink for dear life. I was recuperating from the surgery after a sleepless night of getting acquainted with my newborn, learning how to breastfeed, taking my pain medication, and having my vitals checked every hour. Nevertheless, I was determined to at least feel presentable. Applying makeup was too ambitious so I settled for washing my face and brushing my teeth.
I had to act swiftly before the baby woke up so I reached for the foaming cleanser, pumped out some product, and massaged it onto my face. I was taken aback. As much as I felt rushed, I recall actually pausing to enjoy the light citrus scent and the soft, gentle foam. It rinsed off easily leaving behind not residue but invigorated and moisturized skin.
While I know foam cleansers to be very drying, this one is not. It even helped my skin stand up to the stale, dry hospital air during winter. No tightness of the skin whatsoever. I think it’s far too gentle for makeup removal so I recommend this product for morning cleansing.
I can thank tea, once again, for seeing me through the most dramatic and grandest event of my life!